zaterdag 13 september 2014

Tutorial for the African flower

Normal I would review a YouTube video, but this time I make a tutorial myself.
Thanks to feelinspiffy on YouTube I made an African flower hexagon, well known by the ones that also crochet ;)
The first part of the flower is the same as the retro flower pop, the difference is that instead of 10 stitches you make 12 stitches in the circle, so you get 6 petals instead of 5.
The other difference is when you make the border you start with 1 extra band between the petals and instead of only the top, you pull a band trough every stich.
For the outside border you pull a band trough every stich (accept the first one where you chain 2 bands). You work like the pattern from feelinspiffy accept when you are at the middle stich of a petal, you make 2 stiches. On the photo you can see the white bands, that's where you make 2 stiches. If you close that border you got an African flower hexagon! I want to thank feelinspiffy/craftingfantastic for her video and please follow her on YouTube cause she make incredible funny happy fruits and veggies and a lot of other beautiful things with the rainbowloom and loombands!

*This tutorial is with approval of feelinspiffy/craftingfantastic

zaterdag 30 augustus 2014

What a new blog again?

I already got a blog in Dutch about nails, crochet and loom. But because I only tell about loom lately I start today with a new blog.
It will be in English and Dutch. What will the blog be about? I make a lot of bracelets and other fun things with the Rainbow loom and monstertail. Most of the time I use a YouTube movie and I will tell not only about the bracelet but also how the tutorial is. I hope you like it!

Ik heen al een blog over nagels en haken, maar de laatste tijd meestal over loomen. Daarom ben ik vandaag begonnen met een nieuwe blog.
Het word in het Engels en in het Nederlands. Ik bedoel niet alleen de armbandjes of de andere dingen die ik met de rainbow loom of monstertail maak, maar ook hoe het filmpje is, is het duidelijk, welke taal, enzovoort. Ik hoop dat jullie dat leuk vinden!

So here a few bracelets I made and reviewed in Dutch on .

Zo hier en aantal voorbeelden die ik al gemaakt heb voor